Illabunda Ski Lodge

Family Transfer Procedure

Step by Step

There are four prerequisites for a Family Transfer of a full member's Debenture and membership to a qualifying immediate family member:-

On receipt of the above, the Debenture Registrar effects the transfer and prepares a new debenture document, which is then signed and sealed by the Committee at a meeting.

The new debenture document, together with other information, is sent to the new full member.

Image Credit: Mike Edmondson

Membership Contacts

Send completed waiting list applications to the Secretary for Committee approval:-

Secretary, The Port Kembla Ski Club Ltd,
PO Box 1985, South Coast Mail Centre, NSW, 2521

Please direct any enquiries about the Waiting List to:-

Mike SALON, Debenture Registrar,

Post: 3301/12 Neild Ave, Rushcutters Bay, NSW, 2011
Phone:02-9380 7331

Image Credit: Mike Salon