Illabunda Ski Lodge

Waiting List Procedure

Waiting List Applications

The Club is strictly limited to 100 Full Members. There is a waiting list for full membership.

Important: Applicants must keep their contact details up to date, because all communications abour debenture transfers will be to those addresses. The Club will take no responsibility for missed communications due to out of date information.

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Membership Transfers

NOTE: Persons on the Waiting List who do not reply in time, or who indicate that they do not wish to buy the Debenture are removed from the List. They are advised this by mail and email.

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Debenture Transfers

NOTE: After a transfer is completed, and any rejects or no replies are removed from the Waiting List, those remaining on the List will be advised of their new priority positions.

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Membership Contacts

Send completed waiting list applications to the Secretary for Committee approval:-

Secretary, The Port Kembla Ski Club Ltd,
PO Box 1985, South Coast Mail Centre, NSW, 2521

Please direct any enquiries about the Waiting List to:-

Mike SALON, Debenture Registrar,

Post: 3301/12 Neild Ave, Rushcutters Bay, NSW, 2011
Phone:02-9380 7331

Image Credit: Mike Salon