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Cleaning Bee Date Change

As the date set for the cleaning working bee incorporates mother’s day the date has been changed to 18th – 20th May 2018. Everyone is welcome, and if you're interested, please rsvp to: Debbie McCulloch.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Port Kembla Ski Club Limited will be held at Centro CBD, Stewart St., Wollongong on Friday April 6th 2018 at 6.00 p.m. Members should login to download the AGM Notice and Documentation.

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Website Under Construction

This is the new Illabunda website, which is still being finalised, and is not complete yet. Some of the usual functions are not yet available, so please be patient while they all come on stream.

Functions which are NOT available at this time are:

If you happen to venture into places which are not complete yet, you may get some unexpected behaviour, including website error messages and crashes. Please don't worry about these - all previous functions, and some new ones, will be progressively restored. Contact me if you have any particular difficulties that need quick resolution, or if you have any comments or suggestions.

Be patient!

Where is everything?

Mike SALON. Webmaster

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Winter Bookings Now Open

Bookings applications are now open for Winter. Registered users can login and use the Online Booking System. All applications received in March will be treated equally. After that, it's first in best dressed. Only Full Members can apply before May.

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Waiting List News!

The Committee has recently decided to amend the priority system as applied to the Full Membership Waiting List.

Now, the waiting list will be divided into two categories, the first being partners or adult children of current full members (family list), the second being everyone else (normal list). As they come up for sale, Debentures are offered alternately to the normal list first and then to the family list first.

This change will give people on the normal list a much greater opportunity to become Full Members sooner than previously.

The Committee has also decided to apply new rules to the sequencing of applicants on the normal list. Those who stay at Illabunda during winter, or who assist with attendance at Working Bees, will move further up the priority sequence.

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Yes, Illabunda is open in Summer!

Illabunda opens for bookings in "Summer" a week or two after the end of the ski season, through the Christmas holidays, until shortly before the next winter. Only members and those on the waiting list can use the online booking system. All others must use the downloadable forms, and their application must be supported by a current full member.

For more information, go to Summer Information.

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Downloadable Booking Forms

If you don't have login credentials, you can't use the online booking system, so please click these links to download hardcopy Booking Application Forms, and make sure you get a Full Member to countersign your application...

Winter Booking Form (PDF)

Winter Booking Form (DOC)

Summer Booking Form (PDF)

Summer Booking Form (DOC)

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Winter Arrival Times at Illabunda Lodge

Guests starting their holiday at Illabunda are reminded that there is no access to your room until 12noon on your day of arrival. If you want to arrive earlier and ski in the morning, you can leave your luggage under the table tennis table in the rumpus room, but you cannot move anything into your allocated room.

Similarly, on your day of departure, you must vacate your room by 10am, but if you want to ski that day, you can leave your luggage under the table tennis table. The managers need two clear hours from 10am to 12noon to clean guest rooms and prepare them for the new arrivals. Guests are entitled to lunch at Illabunda on both their day of arrival, and the day of departure.

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Winter Promotional Flyers

Download these Illabunda promotional flyers and circulate them to your family and friends. There are separate flyers for Families, Groups and Couples. Print them out, or just copy and paste the links in messages to your friends to encourage their bookings at Illabunda Lodge.

Remember, members can book online on behalf of non-member friends and family.

Rebates for Ski Lessons

To encourage the development of better skiing skills among Full Members, the Club will rebate $40.00 from the cost of their private or group lessons taken when staying at Illabunda. Send proof of your lesson to the Committee (PO Box 1985, South Coast Mail Centre, NSW 2521) to collect your rebate. Only Full Members are eligible, and only one $40 rebate per year.

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Support our Sporting Activities!

Every Winter, Illabunda Lodge participates in competitive events. These include the Illawarra Interclub Races at both senior and junior levels. Illabunda awards Club Championships to skiers and boarders in various age groups. If you or your family want to participate in our club's events, look at our Competition home page and make yourself known to the Club Captain!

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Big Shoulder Season Discounts

Members and their guests can enjoy big discounts by booking into Illabunda in the shoulder seasons, in June and September. For the early shoulder, rates are less than 50% of the peak season rate. For the late shoulder, rates are about 30% less than peak season.

Click the link for the online booking system or to download forns in .PDF and .DOC format.

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New Board Blood Wanted

To sustain our Club into the future, the Board needs a steady trickle of new blood from the ranks of the Full Members. If you are interested in giving something back to your Club by joining the Board, please call the President to discuss. Click here for contact information.

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Lodge Operations Manual

The Illabunda Lodge Operations manual is available online for all members and guests. Click on the link for the Operations Manual. Note that you will need a PDF reader to view this file.

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Download Adobe Reader

You will need Adobe Reader to read PDF format documents on this site. For a free download, click here for Adobe Reader.

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