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Membership Information

Becoming a Full Member

Friends of Full Members of The Port Kembla Ski Club Ltd are able to apply to join the Club.

The Club has exactly 100 Full Members, so there is a Waiting List for people wanting to join. Memberships are only allocated when a current member leaves. The Club has issued 100 Debentures and owning a Debenture is the core prerequisite of Full Membership.

Because the Club has a strict membership cap, there is always a Waiting List for Membership. The Waiting List is normally open, although the Club retains the right to close it at any time. This can occur when the Waiting List is too long. Please note that applicants have to be aged 18 or older, and must be nominated and seconded by two current Full Members (each with at least two years standing with the Club). When completed, send the form to the Club Secretary whose address appears below & on the form. Applicants must have previously stayed at the Club's lodge Illabunda on at least one occasion in Winter so that they are familiar with and accept the operational practices of our Club lodge. Until you have stayed at the Lodge in Winter, your application will be provisional, and you will not be offered a Membership.

In receiving the application form, the Club does not bind itself to offering you Full Membership at any particular point in time. The current procedure is that once the Club committee receives the completed application form, it is subject to the approval of the committee. Once the application is approved, the person is admitted to the Waiting List.

Then, when a Membership becomes available, EVERYONE on the Waiting List is asked to buy it from the departing Member. The Membership goes to the person highest on the Waiting List who replies to this request agreeing to the relevant conditions and paying the required amounts.

Anyone on the Waiting List who does not reply to this request, or who declines to buy the Membership, is removed from the Waiting List. There is, however, nothing to stop you reapplying for the Waiting List provided the List is open at the time.

Because you must reply to these notices, it is vital that you keep the Debenture Registrar up-to-date with your contact details. The Club will not be responsible if we send notices to old addresses when changes have not been notified. Email is the Club's preferred means of contact, so please provide an email address on your application, and keep it up-to-date. There is an on-line facility for updating your contact details. Login information will be provided when your application is accepted.

To join, a transfer fee is payable to the departing member, and a joining & annual fee is payable to the Club. The current fees are shown in the adjacent box.

Persons joining mid year are only required to pay a proportion of the Annual Membership Fee. Occasionally, the Club levies Members to cover special requirements. For example, in 2002, Members had to make a once-off payment $150 to cover the National Parks Sewerage Levy applied to all leaseholders in Perisher Valley.

Members have the right to pass their Memberships on to specified immediate members of their family, but such family transfers still have to be approved by the Committee before they can proceed. With family transfers, people on the Waiting List are not asked if they are prepared to buy the Membership. But it is when the Membership is offered back to the Club to sell that the Waiting List is asked. There are normally only one or two transfers a year, so persons going on the Waiting List now can expect a wait of several years.

Under Club rules, the waiting list is divided into two categories, the first being partners or adult children of current full members (family list), the second being everyone else (normal list). As they come up for sale, Debentures are offered alternately to the normal list first and then to the family list first. If you wish to be on the family list, please be prepared to show the Club documentary evidence of your relationship with the current Full Member.

The Club expects that people on the Waiting List will be regular guests at Illabunda Lodge. In this way, the prospective Members will be able to enjoy our facilities and will better appreciate the value of the Membership they are seeking. They will also get to know more Full Members and they are also welcome to volunteer to assist with the running of the Club, such as by contributing to Working Bees during summer. The Club expects Full Members to assist in this way.

Prepared by Mike Salon, Debenture Registrar for PKSC

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Waiting List News!

The Committee has recently decided to amend the priority system as applied to the Full Membership Waiting List.

Now, the waiting list will be divided into two categories, the first being partners or adult children of current full members (family list), the second being everyone else (normal list). As they come up for sale, Debentures are offered alternately to the normal list first and then to the family list first.

This change will give people on the normal list a much greater opportunity to become Full Members sooner than previously.

The Committee has also decided to apply new rules to the sequencing of applicants on the normal list. Those who stay at Illabunda during winter, or who assist with attendance at Working Bees, will move further up the priority sequence.

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Waiting List Application Form

Click this link to download a PDF version of the Waiting List Application Form.

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Current Fees

At November 2017, the relevant fees were:-

Debenture Price (paid to member) $ 12180-00
Joining Fee (paid to club) $ 310-00
Annual Fee (paid to club) $ 330-00

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Membership Contacts

Send completed Waiting List Application forms to:-

Secretary, The Port Kembla Ski Club Ltd,
PO Box 1985, South Coast Mail Centre, NSW, 2521

Direct any enquiries about the Waiting List to:-

Mike SALON, Debenture Registrar,

Post: 3301/12 Neild Ave, Rushcutters Bay, NSW, 2011
Phone:02-9380 7331

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